Nutrition Consultants stick to science

Auckland-based Nutrition Consultants prides itself on providing evidence-based advice to people wanting to manage their weight.

With so much contrary, pseudo-scientific information about how to lose weight available online it can be hard for people to know what to believe, says Nutrition Consultants owner MaryRose Spence.

“People are confused about what they should be eating and what’s good or bad for them and how to lose weight. We keep it simple and evidence-based and our advice is based on food science,” says MaryRose, a registered dietitian with more than 30 years experience.

While Nutrition Consultants specialise in weight loss, MaryRose and her colleague, registered nutritionist Brigid Chunn, also see patients with a range of other issues including bowel problems, raised cholesterol levels and low energy. They also give high performance athletes nutrition advice.

Body composition monitor

MaryRose, who is also a published author, says the use of a body composition monitor to assist patients has been a game-changer.

“This wonderful piece of equipment gives us more information than just a person’s weight, it tells us how their body is made up. Knowing how much of a person’s weight is body fat and much is muscle mass helps them and us understand their metabolism,” she says.

“We can then provide a diet that is tailor made to that person. I’ll talk them through the results and about the science of food and what they need to be eating at each meal and why.”

MaryRose says people feel better when they are eating the right combination of food for their particular body.

“Where I place certain foods in their day gives them appetite control and they can confidently lose weight and keep it off. They don’t feel hungry and they can lose weight much more easily,” she says.

“The repercussions of weight loss are huge and there are a whole lot of flow on effects. You have more energy, you can decrease blood pressure, you can come off diabetes medication, you can be less prone to certain cancers, the list goes on.”

Practical advice

MaryRose sees a lot of people who have been given inappropriate dietary advice.

“There are a lot of cowboys out there whose advice is not evidence-based like ours.”

She says when she gives advice, she tells people how they should do things not just what they should do.

“I like to be very practical, visual and hands on in my practice.”

That includes whipping up a tasty, healthy, vegetable recipe each week that patients can sample and try cooking themselves if they like it.

MaryRose has patients from all age groups, including people in their eighties as well as patients based ouside of Auckland and overseas.

“Food can give us great energy and health, but it can also take our energy and health away.”

How to refer to Nutrition Consultants:

  • open the patient record
  • launch the HealthLink homepage
  • using the CareSelect bar, type “Nutrition Consultants”
  • click “Compose Referral”.

Horizon Radiology to open new clinic

Kiwi-owned Horizon Radiology is opening a new radiology clinic in South Auckland next month due to an increase in demand for its services.

The new expanded services clinic will be located in a large integrated medical centre, which will include an urgent care facility as well as general practice, pharmacy, physiotherapist and dentist. The centre will be located on Watford Street in Otara and is due to open on 10 April.

Horizon Radiology managing director Mary Gordon says their new clinic will be much bigger than the old one, which was located across the road.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to open in this new, larger clinic which will offer x-rays and ultrasounds. In our old clinic across the road we only offered x-rays,” Mary says.

Horizon Radiology started in 2003 and is Auckland’s largest community based radiology provider. It has 16 clinics across the Auckland region offering a range of diagnostic imaging services including x-rays, pregnancy scans, general and MSK ultrasounds and steroid injections.

“Horizon is also an approved provider to perform immigration chest x-rays at our clinics in Queen Street and Manukau.”

High standard of care

Mary says patients at Horizon Radiology can expect a high standard of care in a caring, customer-focused environment.

“We have highly skilled and experienced clinicians working in our clinics right across Auckland offering expert care. We actively support and fund in-house and external ongoing development and clinical training for staff to keep up to date with the latest developments.”

Horizon Radiology also regularly updates its equipment.

“We have an ongoing equipment acquisitions and maintenance plan as we are committed to re-investing back into the business to ensure our equipment is the best,” she says.

Mary says more women choose to have their pregnancy scans at Horizon Radiology then anywhere else in Auckland.

“We can also offer 3D, 4D scans and a live recording for a minimal cost on a USB sticks at certain Horizon clinics, should expectant parents want them.”

She recommends GPs use InteleConnect to securely access their referred patient’s images and reports online to stay informed about their progress.

“GPs can have confidence in our highly skilled clinicians and latest equipment and know their patient is receiving a high standard of care.”

If GPs have any questions about the referral process they can phone Horizon Radiology’s helpline on 0508 397 7377.

How to refer to Horizon Radiology:

Horizon Radiology branches are Auckland wide and can be referred to electronically.

  • open the patient record
  • launch the HealthLink homepage
  • using the CareSelect bar, type “Horizon Radiology”
  • click “Compose Referral”.