NevaAlone Medical Alarms give peace of mind all round

ADT Security’s NevaAlone Medical Alarm helps users lead a safer and more independent lifestyle.

Produced by ADT Security, the medical alarm features a HELP button that is connected to ADT’s highly trained NevaAlone support team who are available 24/7, 365 days a year should the user need emergency assistance or require an ADT Security Guard to conduct a security check around their property.

E-Referrals can be made to NevaAlone Medical Alarms using CareSelect.

ADT Security third party relationship manager Darlene Sanderson says NevaAlone Medical Alarms, which are available nationwide, give peace of mind to users and family members, who can rest assured that help is immediately accessible.

“People who are elderly, live alone, have a medical condition or disability, or are prone to falls will feel so much safer knowing that help is available by simply pressing a button,” Darlene says.

“The alarm can be used 24/7, creating a safety net for users looking to maintain their independence. It also gives family members confidence that their loved ones have help readily available in case of an emergency.”

Help dispatched quickly

The alarm can be worn as a pendant or wristwatch or can be activated by pressing a button on the alarm unit. The alarm signal works via a landline or cellular network and operates within range from anywhere in or around the house.

Once the button is pressed, the person is immediately connected to the ADT call centre, where a trained professional will assess the situation, dispatching help if required. Family members are also notified.

A GPS alarm is a private offering that works when the user leaves the house. If they have a fall while wearing the alarm, the device’s fall detection feature will automatically notify the call centre who can arrange for medical assistance.

“The GPS alarm can not only be used at home, but also when the user is away. For example, if they take the dog for a walk, ADT can locate them if they need assistance.”

Alarms to suit different needs

ADT Security is a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) accredited medical alarm provider. If a person qualifies, the NevaAlone Medical Alarm can be partly or fully funded through the Work and Income (WINZ) Disability Allowance.

A free lock box is installed outside the user’s home so paramedics can enter the house in an emergency; the cost of an ambulance callout is also covered for all users.

Darlene says different alarm products are recommended depending on each person’s personal situation and circumstances.

“ADT undertakes an in-home demonstration and a thorough needs analysis to determine which product is best for each individual.”

Darlene notes that ADT’s trained professionals can even identify if a person is feeling lonely or isolated if they are activating the alarm to simply have a chat with call centre staff.

“Sometimes a user just needs assurance or is looking to talk to someone because they are feeling lonely. If it’s a regular occurrence, we will reach out to local community organisations to see if they can help.”

How to refer to NevaAlone Medical Alarms:

  • Open the patient record
  • Select the HealthLink icon
  • Use the CareSelect search bar, type “NevaAlone Medical Alarms”
  • Click “Compose Referral”.

Private Care NZ: Home is where the heart is

No one should have to leave behind the home they love, their belongings and a lifetime of memories just because they need extra care.

Private Care NZ, part of the New Zealand Health Group, offers a range of 24/7 services nationwide to support anyone with health and wellness needs to affordably stay in their own home for longer.

Private Care NZ can provide home help, palliative care, personal care, medication management, dementia care, respite care, companionship and even postnatal home support for new families.

E-Referrals can now be made to Private Care NZ using HealthLink’s CareSelect service, making it easier for GPs to make a referral and for patients to receive the care they need.

New Zealand Health Group Managing Director Josephine Gagan says it’s important people have an option to stay in their own home if they wish to.

“Often, people really love their own home, have lots of special memories and don’t want to move out. Private Care NZ enables them to receive the support they need without having to move into a new and unfamiliar environment,” she says.

“We’ve had families say that they couldn’t have kept their loved ones at home without our extra support.”

High standard of care 

Josephine says Private Care NZ’s carers and registered nurses are all highly trained and can cater to a patient’s specific needs and preferences.

“Because Private Care NZ is part of the largest homecare group, patients can access services that some smaller operators might not have. We can pull in extra resources, and our pool of carers is much larger.”

Being privately funded means there are no long waiting lists. Their team makes every day easier for their patients by focusing on their needs and preferences, adapting to changes, and working closely with families to create a circle of care.

Private Care NZ also sells affordable, high-quality homecare products to make every day easier for people in their own homes.

How to refer to Private Care NZ:  

  • open the patient record
  • select the HealthLink icon
  • use the CareSelect search bar, and type “Private Care NZ”
  • click “Compose Referral”.