August 2019 Shockwaves at Epsom Osteopathic Centre
New Smart Form for Total Care Health Services
HealthLink Messaging System upgrade
Digital enrolment forms for general practices
May 2019 New e-Referral form for Triton Hearing
TRG Auckland combines technology & compassion
HealthLink celebrates 25th anniversary
March 2019 Horizon Radiology to open new clinic
Nutrition Consultants stick to science
January 2019 CareSelect e-Referrals: Search, find and refer
New HealthLink CEO honoured to pick up reigns
December 2018 Innovation at heart of Auckland Radiology Group
HealthCare NZ: New name but same great service
Healthy Homes referrals via CareConnect
HiNZ conference a huge success
November 2018 Access to health information a heartbeat away
Sport Wellington says farewell to fax referrals
CareSelect eReferral provider update
Join us at HiNZ in Wellington!
October 2018 Canopy Cancer Care opens new clinic
New ACC Burn and Wound Care e-Referral
Join us at HiNZ in Wellington!

September 2018


TRG Imaging leads the way
Write a Green Prescription to improve health
New website launched
Knowledge is power!